Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maori String Figures - Te Ira Tangata

Kia ora ano tatou nei - Greetings from Aotearoa!

As promised here is the series of six figures called Te Ira Tangata - the birth of Humankind & it all begins with Takapau-nuku (covered in the previous post). These figures can be done either by one person or with two.

Once Takapau is produced, the second person manipulates the figure to produce Io-wahine (otherwise known as Wahine). The first person then manipulates Io-wahine to produce Tiki-ahua (otherwise known as Tane). Tiki-ahua is manipulate to produce the fourth figure known as te piringa (Ka moe te tane i te wahine) representing the co-habitation of the male and female to produce their offspring, the fifth figure, Io-Rei. The figure is further manipulate to produce Te Ira Tangata. In this final figure, the two outer diamond shapes represent Tane (Tiki-ahua) & Wahine (Io-Wahine), whilst the diamond in the middle represents their offspring Io-Rei.


Io-Wahine (Wahine)

Tiki-ahua (Tane)

Te Piringa (ka moe te tane me te wahine)

Io-Rei (the offspring of Tiki-ahua & Io-Wahine)

Te Ira Tangata

Te Ira Tangata

The next series of figures will be Te waka o Tamarereti! (including te moana nui a Kiwa & Rarohenga)